A Consultant…not a Salesman.

I am not a salesman. Yes, my job title may say that, but in actuality, I am a consultant. My job is to formulate strategy, to provide examples of what is likely to happen given past experience, and to facilitate my clients’ execution of a well thought out plan. Ultimately, my clients make the decisions. However, decisions are best made in close consultation.  An agent should always provide all the information necessary for the client to make the right decision. My many years of experience is the most valuable thing I can provide for my clients. I will provide competent, logical, and concise counsel.

Real Estate transactions are complicated things. Their are often many players, each with their own interests and agenda. Normally both buyers and sellers are represented, and often have an attorney looking after them as well. When you add up agents, clients, attorneys, lenders, inspectors, and family members, the number of people with input during a transaction is staggering. My job is to help my clients find the least complicated, and most advantageous path through the process.

If you are contemplating a sale or a purchase, I encourage you to contact me. Pick your most complicated problem, and have me propose a solution for you. Ask me anything you want to know about buying, selling, or the current market.  I am happy to discuss anything with you, with no obligation.

I encourage you to look at my testimonials. You’ll learn how I have  earned their praise of my clients. Put simply, I work harder and smarter than my competition.








Let my experience work for you!